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“The way that this (Veteran's Discount) honors your father and veterans is heart wrenching." Forrest Christian, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning -North Orlando, FL est. 2013. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “I am writing the recommendation for Paul Romanick as a display of immense gratitude. I will be forever grateful to Paul and his "better two thirds" as he calls her, Jessie, for the vehicle they have provided me. I eat lunch with my two daughters, 8 and 10, at least once a week. I pick them up from school at least once a week, sometimes twice and I am able to attend almost all of their school functions during the day because of Paul, Jessie and CitruSolution." Thank you Paul and Jessie for providing me with a business that I am able to spend so much time with my daughters. Without you I would miss out on more than I can even imagine. THANK YOU BOTH! You two are a TRUE BLESSING!!” May 10, 2011 J.R. Mitchell, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning -Suwanee/Buford/Sugar Hill/Dacula, GA est. 2007. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Paul has one of those rare personalities that stands upright and walks with a true path of genuine concern. Being a part of CitruSolution has provided me opportunity when I didn’t have any, growth when I needed it, and respect from community members that I never would have been able to achieve without his mentorship. I have certainly been blessed to be a part of his system for success.” March 13, 2010 Rob DeSoto, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning - West Cobb, GA since 2009. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Joe Gilliam, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Coosa Valley, AL __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I highly recommend that if you or you know someone that is interested in starting a business with low start-up cost contact Paul. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning is easily marketable and it is a product that works. No BS involved. Paul's knowledge in making an owner successful is his secret to success!” March 6, 2010 Steve Fouts, Owner, CitruSolution -Costal Bend, TX since 2007. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Paul Romanick in one word: a true Otherspreneur. An "otherspreneur" is the term for a business genius who is able to effectively make other people become entrepreneurs. Paul is the real deal. He is a business genius and a marketing and networking guru. But more importantly, he is passionate for helping people be successful. This passion alone has led to his great success. All of this and he is the most down to earth guy you'll ever meet. Everyone should become a part of Paul's business, CitruSolution, Inc. Or even his networking empire. But more importantly, his friendship and partnership is invaluable. I highly recommend Paul as a business man, a marketing expert, a networking guru, and a great friend. Kudos to you Paul.” May 4, 2010 Jonathan Chambers, Owner, CitruSolution - Bulloch, Bryan, and Effingham Counties, GA est. 2009. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Paul is the founder of CitruSolution, Paul is a friend but he's much more. He has provided us with a great opportunity. Paul really cares about people, he is a great business man and plays a great harmonica.” March 16, 2010 Vicki Hood,Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning - Dawsonville/Lumpkin County, GA est. 2007. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Paul is a great business man and friend.The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning process is a very effective way to clean carpet and Paul is the developer of this.” March 15, 2010 Joe Norton, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning - Columbia County, GA est. 2009. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “As a CitruSolution Franchiser and a location owner, I have the privilege of working closely with Paul. His Vision and ability to work with others and move people forward is uncommon in this industry. Paul’s principles and integrity has changed my life, just by association. I am living my life with freedom I thought I would never have. I thank you Paul, for giving me the tools to be successful.” March 10, 2010 Kevin O'Brien, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning - Hall County, GA est. 2007. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Dearth, USMC Veteran and CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Owner, Louisville, KY est. 2013. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Valentin Ramon, Owner, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of I-20 West Corridor, est. 2013.  

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